Our parking structures are located conveniently near our city centers, never more than a few blocks away from all the action.

Parking Lot and Garage Locations

Parking in the city garages is the easiest way to park without knowing exactly how long your visit will be, as you pay based on time upon leaving. Our public parking lots use the same pay stations used for on-street parking.

ParkBoulder Visitor Map

Locations & Hours

*11th and Walnut (Randolph Center)* 260
11th and Spruce 390
15th and Pearl (Parking Services) 686
10th and Walnut (St. Julien Hotel) 556
14th and Walnut (RTD Bus Station) 302
2240 Broadway (Trinity Garage) 54 Permit parking only
3183 Pearl St (Depot Square - Boulder Junction) Hourly parking only

Garage or Lot Parking Permits: Purchase or Renew

Garage or Lot Permit application

Allows long-term parking for district employees, paid quarterly, at an assigned location. There are 6 downtown garages and 3 downtown surface lots. Permits are only available for employees of CAGID (Downtown).

Downtown & Surface Lots application forms:

Purchase, refill, renew

  1. Online

    The easiest way to manage your permits is through the City of Boulder online parking portal

  2. Email or phone
  3. Available Garage Permits
    • Permits are available for immediate purchase at the 1000 Walnut St. Garage, 1100 Spruce St. Garage, 1400 Walnut St. Garage, and 1500 Pearl St. Garage, and Trinity Garage.
    • Some garages currently have wait lists for permits

Downtown Boulder employees

Downtown Boulder employees can park in the garage located at the southwest corner of Alpine & Broadway at an amazing rate.

Wait Lists

If you are looking for a permit for one of our sold-out parking garages and/or surface lots, you can apply to be added to one of our waitlists.

  • Garages/Lots with Wait Lists: 1100 Walnut Garage, 1336 Canyon Lot, 1745 14th Lot, and 1775 14th Lot.

The Wait List Application can be submitted via our City of Boulder Online Parking Portal.

  • 5 Permit Cap: A five (5) permit cap for any single customer on the waitlist, per each garage/surface lot.
  • Renewal: Waitlist customers will receive an email from the Customer Service team on an annual basis with a list of their waitlist requests. The customer needs to audit the information and let our team know if any changes need to be made.
  • Inactive Permit Removal: If a customer has a permit that has been unused for a period of 3 months, the customer service team will reach out to help find a product that better serves the customer's needs.
  • One Wait List per Garage/Lot: There will be individual wait lists for each garage and surface lot. Customers may apply to be on multiple wait lists simultaneously.
  • Deposits: Deposits are no longer required to apply for a waitlist

Fees & Rates

Parking Fees

  • $1.25/hr; $15 flat rate after 6 hours
  • 25¢/12 min. · 50¢/24 min. · 75¢/36 min. · $1/48 min.
  • Fee charges accrue around the clock - 24 hrs./day
  • $3 from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. flat rate on weekdays (must enter and exit between these hours to be eligible for the $3 rate)
    • Anyone who leaves the garage after 3 a.m. will be charged the normal hourly rate ($1.25/hr) for every hour parked.
  • Anyone who parks longer than 24 hours will be charged the normal hourly rate ($1.25/hr) for every hour parked.
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and city holidays are free
    • Note: Please hold onto your entry ticket as you will need it in order to exit
  • A Cash Pass allows you to prepay your garage parking, receive a 10 percent discount, and enjoy the convenience of the express lane for entry and exit.

Permit Parking Rates

You may purchase or renew a garage parking permit online on the parking portal, or by phone or email.

  • Garages: $480/quarter, Trinity Garage $300/quarter
  • Downtown lots: $278/quarter

Please Note

  • For pressing parking concerns, please call non-emergency Police Dispatch at 303-441-3333 or Report an Illegally Parked Vehicle. ​
  • Meter feeding is prohibited, and vehicles parked at a meter for longer than the maximum time posted on the meter will receive a ticket.
  • No storage of vehicles over 72 hours.
  • Motorcycles are prohibited in city-owned downtown garages
  • Neighborhood Parking Permit zones are enforced, please be aware of the parking signage and ordinances when parking your vehicle.
  • If you lose your ticket, there is a $50 FEE - so do keep track of it! Your total owed for parking will be calculated on exit.

Accessible Parking

Reserved accessible parking is provided in designated downtown parking structures. These spaces are signed and marked, limiting use to vehicles displaying a valid disabled placard/license plate.

Note: The fine for parking in a reserved accessible space without a valid disabled placard/license plate is $112.

Van Access

11th & Spruce

1st, 2nd & 3rd floor: 7'

Basement & 4th floor: 6'8"


11th & Walnut

(Randolph Center)

6'9" 7
14th & Walnut (RTD) 7' 8

15th & Pearl

(Parking Services)

7'2" 16
10th & Walnut 7' 17