Guide to Parking in Boulder

Whether you live, work, or play in Boulder, we’ve got a spot for you. This page will help you get up to speed on parking options.

Car parked in parking space

New for 2022

No matter how you get to Boulder, we’re glad you’re here. If you need to park a car, please note some important changes. We’ve updated our rates and fees, added new EV charging stations, and threw in a few freebies. We are also making improvements to neighborhood parking. Let’s go.

Pay parking citations or purchase parking permits

Overview of Parking in Boulder's Commercial Districts

City Owned Garages

The Best Deal in Town!

  1. Monday - Friday
    • 15 Minutes or Less: FREE
    • Up to 6 Hours: $1.25 per hour
    • After 6 Hours: Flat daily rate of $15
    • 3pm-3am: Flat rate of $3
  2. Weekends & Holidays
    • FREE
    • Many downtown businesses validate parking. Be sure to ask.

On-street Paid Parking

  1. Monday - Saturday
    • 15 Minutes or Less: FREE
      To park up to 15 minutes for free, you must initiate a parking session using a parking app or pay station.
    • 9am–7pm: $1.50 per hour. Please see posted time limits.
    • 7pm–9am: FREE
  2. Sundays & Holidays
    • FREE

Other Options

Are you tired of searching for parking? Boulder is offers some great multi-modal travel options, including walking, biking, and bus transit.

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