The EcoPass is an annual RTD (Regional Transportation District) transit pass for unlimited regional, express, local bus and light rail service throughout the Denver and Boulder regions.

EcoPass Overview

The EcoPass and NECO Pass are annual bus passes, valid through Dec. 31 of the current year. The NECO Pass is purchased by individuals in participating neighborhoods, the EcoPass is purchased by employers for full-time employees, with an option to include part-time employees. With a photo ID SmartCard, individuals and employees are entitled to unlimited rides on most regular RTD transit services, including the SkyRide service to Denver International Airport (DIA) at no charge.

The EcoPass (for business employees only) also includes the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which guarantees any individual with an EcoPass a free taxi ride home if they got to work using any transportation option (bus, bike, car/vanpool, etc.) and have to leave work to address an unplanned emergency. For more information on the EcoPass, visit

Where Is EcoPass Valid?

Your EcoPass Smart Card allows you to ride for FREE on all RTD services (excluding special services like the Broncos Ride and Rockies Ride) seven days a week for as long as you are an eligible employee. You can ride:

  • Local Buses
  • Express Buses
  • Regional Buses
  • SkyRide service to and from Denver International Airport (DEN) is included for EcoPass holders
  • The "N" to Eldora Mountain ski resort
  • All Community Transit Network buses like the HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH, STAMPEDE and BOLT
  • All call-n-Ride services

Get an Employee EcoPass

Employees of participating businesses

Get the form

  • Check with your office EcoPass contact (often the office manager, human resource manager or owner) to receive an RTD EcoPass Authorization Form which needs to be filled out with the employee’s full legal name and signed by the authorized office EcoPass Contact.

Submit the form

  • Bring your signed RTD EcoPass Employee Authorization Form WITHIN 30 days of signing and a government issued photo ID to:
    • Parking & Access
      Department of Community Vitality
      1500 Pearl St., Ste. 302
  • Note that appointments must currently be scheduled.
  • Forms must have original authorized signatures, and must be dated within 30 days of the current date; otherwise forms are invalid.


Parking & Access

  • M-F 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, Appointments strongly encouraged. Schedule an appointment.
  • Closed on City of Boulder holidays. Please note that City of Boulder and RTD holidays may not coincide. The City of Boulder Parking Services EcoPass office will not be open on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Business EcoPass


  • Employee morale and productivity increase due to reduced stress, fewer late arrivals and the ability to work while commuting.
  • Companies improve their ability to recruit the most skilled employees by expanding access to employees throughout the region.
  • Employers save money through tax benefits and reduced overhead costs associated with parking expenses and mileage reimbursements.
  • Employees save money and time spent for gas, parking, car maintenance, etc.
  • The community benefits from less air pollution and reduced traffic congestion.


Downtown and University Hill businesses receive free EcoPasses for their employees. Outside of these commercial districts, the price of a business' employee EcoPass program is based on the following criteria:

  • the number of employees; and
  • the availability of transit services near the business location.

To help estimate the cost of EcoPasses for your company (outside of the above commercial districts), visit or contact a Transportation Planner at

Subsidized (FREE) Downtown and University Hill Areas

Businesses within the Central Area General Improvement District (CAGID) and/or the Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District (BID) Area tax district or the University Hill General Improvement District (UHGID) , with at least a 6 month commercial lease, are included in the City of Boulder Community Vitality Commercial District Sponsored Employee EcoPass Program.

For more information, contact Lane Landrith at or 303-413-7316.


City of Boulder will offer a reimbursement for any EcoPass contract to employers who have an employee that chooses to participate in Boulder's Employee Transportation Coordinator network. Discounts are based on your business' RTD contract. In addition, your company may be required to distribute a before-and-after transportation survey to employees, including some type of EcoPass promotion. Please visit or contact a Transportation Planner at

Companies with 11 employees or more
City of Boulder will rebate 50 percent of a company's first year contract and 25 percent of the second year contract for companies with 11 or more employees. The subsidies are given from January through March of each year.

Companies with 1-10 employees
City of Boulder will reimburse $60 per employee for a company of 1-10 employees for their first year contract and $30 per employee for their second year contract (not to exceed 50 percent of the first year contract cost or 25 percent of the second year contract cost). These reimbursements are given from January through March of each year.

Sign up for the Employer EcoPass Program

New Employer Application

  • New employers need to fill out the New Employer Application
  • All new leaseholders within the CAGID and/or DBBID tax district or the UHGID tax district will need to provide a copy of the first and last pages of the lease. This needs to include address and suite number, the start and end dates with a minimum of 6-months, and the landlord and occupants' signatures.

Authorized Signer Form

  • Please also complete the Authorized Signer Form in addition to completing the New Employer application.
  • Only authorized signer can pick up the RTD EcoPass Authorization Forms. These forms are ONLY issued to the registered authorized signers, and each employee will need to arrive with a signed EcoPass form WITHIN 30 days of receiving an authorized signature, and presenting their own photo ID (license; passport; state ID card) matching the LEGAL name that you will write in the Employee Name section, to complete the process. DO NOT send employees to the RTD Boulder Terminal – they must first obtain our signature on this form.
  • To add an additional authorized signer, please fill out the Authorized Signer Form.

RTD EcoPass Authorization Form

  • As an Authorized Signer, you can pick up the RTD EcoPass Authorization Forms at:
    City of Boulder Community Vitality Department and Parking Services
    1500 Pearl Street, Suite 302, Boulder, CO 80302
  • Hours of Operation:
    M-F 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
    Closed on City of Boulder Holidays
  • Note that appointments must be scheduled.

Rights and responsibilities

  • Failure to comply with all RTD eligibility requirements may result in a financial liability and/or a loss of all EcoPass privileges to the employer for the remainder of the contract year.
  • The employer is responsible for ensuring the eligibility of each employee that receives an EcoPass. Eligibility is limited to current employees working FULL TIME in Downtown Boulder. (“Full time is any employee scheduled to work, on average, 25 or more hours per week, and receive all other full time benefits”). Part time, non-paid, contract, temporary, and current CU students are NOT ELIGIBLE for this Boulder Parking EcoPass.
  • The City of Boulder and RTD reserve the right to deactivate or confiscate any or all passes if it believes that the program has been misused in any way by a business or its employees.
  • The City of Boulder and RTD reserve the right to request payroll records or other information during random audits to verify any individual’s active employment and full-time Boulder work status.
  • All employers are required to immediately notify via Email when an employee who holds an EcoPass is separated or terminated. Failure to do so may result in a financial liability and/or a loss of all EcoPass privileges to the employer for the remainder of the contract year.

Neighborhood EcoPass

What is the Neighborhood EcoPass Program?

The Neighborhood EcoPass Program increases access to transit, lowers single occupant vehicle use, saves money and enhances community relations. It is an annual transit pass purchased by residents or a neighborhood organization for all members of participating households. This photo I.D. smart card pass entitles holders to one year of unlimited travel on all RTD local, regional, airport bus and light/commuter rail routes.

Why sign up for the Neighborhood EcoPass Program?

Nearly 50 neighborhoods in the City of Boulder participate in the Neighborhood EcoPass Program. These 50 neighborhoods accounted for over 7,000 households in 2019. Thousands more households in the City of Boulder are eligible to participate in the NECO Pass Program.

Reduced Costs

The annual transit pass cost under the Neighborhood EcoPass Program ranges based upon each neighborhood's amount of transit usage. The City of Boulder provide a 50% subsidy for first time participating neighborhoods and an ongoing 33%-39% subsidy for renewing neighborhoods. In comparison, the current cost for a years worth of RTD monthly passes is $1,368 for local trips and $2,400 for regional trips.

Great Transit Options

The transit pass is good on all RTD routes and services, including:

  • All local bus routes
  • All regional routes
  • All light rail lines
  • A Line to Denver International Airport (DIA)
  • Skyride to Denver International Airport (DIA)
  • The "N" route to Eldora Mountain Resort

Healthier Community

Neighborhoods that participate in the Neighborhood EcoPass Program have reported a dramatic increase in transit use. Residents with a pass in hand drive less, which results in less congestion and pollution in our community.

Join or Start an EcoPass Neighborhood

Look up your address

  • Type your address in the map below to see if you live in an existing NECO Pass area or neighborhood.

If you are in a NECO Pass Neighborhood

  • If you do reside inside a NECO Pass area or neighborhood, click on the specific area or neighborhood that you live in to access your designated neighborhood coordinator contact information to find out how you can participate.

Start a NECO Pass Neighborhood

  • If you do not reside in an existing NECO Pass area, you can start an EcoPass program in your neighborhood.
  • Review page 4 of the NECO Partner Toolkit document to understand the requirements to start a NECO Program.
  • If you feel there is enough interest in your neighborhood to meet the RTD requirements, please contact the NECO Pass Program Coordinator: Allison Crump, NECO Pass Program Coordinator, 720-564-2368 or

Replace a Lost or Stolen EcoPass

Business EcoPass

  • Report your lost pass to your employer as soon as possible.
  • Lost passes cost $25 for a first-time replacement and $50 for a second.
  • RTD will charge you for the lost/stolen pass when you obtain your replacement pass.
  • If your pass is stolen and you present a police report to RTD, the fee for a first-time replacement will be reduced to $5.
  • You will be required to pay a fee to your employer if your pass is lost upon termination.

Neighborhood EcoPass

  • Use the map above to find your neighborhood coordinator.
  • Let them know what happened with your pass, and they will deactivate the card, and issue instructions for a new one.
  • You will be charged $10 per replacement pass.
  • Follow instructions from your coordinator on how to get a new card printed at one of the two RTD offices in Boulder.

General questions

EcoPass Discounts

There are many benefits of the EcoPass and College Pass that include saving money by not driving and reducing congestion. In addition, having an EcoPass or College Pass in your wallet will also save you money by shopping local and flashing your card at these participating local businesses!

Use your EcoPass and College Pass to save with discounts at restaurants, stores and more! The passes and transit services are provided by RTD.

*Discounts offered are provided by merchants, not RTD. The EcoPass and transit services are provided by RTD. Those who live or work in Boulder simply need to show their valid EcoPass or College Pass cards to be eligible for the listed discounts. Please thank the merchants for their involvement.

If you are a Boulder merchant interested in offering a discount to EcoPass and College Pass members, please email: Chris Hagelin, Senior Transportation Planner,

Adventure & Entertainment

Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra
2590 Walnut Street or 303-449-1343
Offer: Coming Soon

Boulder Symphony
1820 15th Street
Offer: 15% discount (show your card at the box office to redeem day-of)

Fiske Planetarium at University of Colorado Boulder
2414 Regent Drive
Offer: 10% discount on Gift Store purchases + 10% discount on annual Fiske Space Buff Memberships (show your card at the Planetarium to redeem both offers)

Bars & Breweries

The Tune Up at Full Cycle
Pearl Bike Store, Espresso Bar and Tap Room
1795 Pearl St
Offer: Happy Hour prices all day

Upslope Brewing
1501 Lee Hill Drive
1898 S. Flatiron Court
Offer: 20% off merchandise

West Flanders Brewing Co
1125 Pearl Street
Offer:10% discount on all food and drink


Barris Laser & Skincare
2525 Arapahoe Ave
Offer: 25% off your total bill of services during your first visit

Corey Sutton Inc. Aveda Hair Salon
20 Lakeview Drive #211, Nederland
Offer: 10% off your total bill of services during your first visit

Bikes & Sporting Goods

Boulder B-cycle
2805 Wilderness Place, #300, Boulder, CO 80301
Offer: $10 off a Republic Rider pass, with code ECOPASS

Boulder Cycle Sport
4580 Broadway Unit B
629 Broadway Suite K
Offer: 15% discount on parts and accessories

Community Cycles
2601 Spruce Street, Unit B, Boulder, CO 80302
Offer: 10% off any new products at retail; $20 off your annual membership (normally $50) - call in and give your EcoPass card number

Full Cycle
1795 Pearl Street
1211 13 th Street
Offer: Get $20 off your first purchase of $100 or more

University Bikes
839 Pearl Street
Offer: 25% any rental bike

Coffee Shops & Sweets

Caffè Sole
637 South Broadway Street
Offer: 10% off coffees

OZO Coffee Company
1015 Pearl Street
1898 S Flatiron Ct #110
5340 Arapahoe Avenue
Offer: 10% off all prepared beverages - one beverage per visit

The Tune Up at Full Cycle
1795 Pearl St
Offer: Happy Hour prices all day long

Fitness & Wellness

2408 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder
Offer: 1 month of unlimited barre, cycle, and yoga classes for $89 (vs. regular price of $125; for new customers only)

Hands of the Heart Massage Therapy & Energy Healing
4150 Darley Ave, Boulder or 720-256-6708
Offer: $20 off your first visit

Oriental Healing Clinic 303-258-9112
3405 Penrose Pl., Suite 102, Boulder
20 Lakeview Dr, Unit 205, Nederland
Offer: 15% off your first acupuncture appointment

Red Aspen Wellness
2299 Pearl Street No.205, 303-819-1518
Offer: 15% off acupuncture services


Farfel's Farm
906 Pearl Street
Offer: 10% discount on everything

Only Natural Pet Store
2100 28 th Street Suite 1C
Offer: 5% discount

Restaurants: Casual

Illegal Pete's
1447 Pearl Street
Offer: Happy Hour pricing all day long, this includes $3.00 domestics, $4.00 select craft drafts, $4.50 house margaritas, and $3.50 wells

Motomaki - Boulder
1600 28th St, #1216
Offer: 25% off your bill (not valid during Happy Hour, Sunday-Thursday 3-5pm)

Proto's Pizza
4670 Broadway
5378 Gunbarrel Center Ct, Gunbarrel
Offer: 10% off your bill, excluding alcohol

Sancho's Mexican Restaurant
6545 Gunpark Drive, Gunbarrel
Offer: 10% off your entire bill, valid Monday to Saturday 2-8pm; Excludes special offers like Taco Tuesday $1.50 tacos and Margarita Mondays $.3.95 margaritas

The Sink
​1165 13 th Street
Offer: 10% discount on all food and drink

Restaurants: Fine Dining with Flip Flops

Roadhouse Boulder Depot
2366 Junction Place
​Offer: 15% off your entire bill, valid any time of the day

Sushi Zanmai
1221 Spruce St
Offer: 10% off bill any time you visit

Retail: Fashion & Gifts

2870 Bluff St.
Offer: 25% off total purchase, up to a $100 purchase per visit (excludes leather and furs, gallery items & already discounted items)

Art Source International
1237 Pearl St.
10% off total purchase.

Perry's Shoe Shop
114 East 2nd St, Nederland
10% off any purchased goods (boots, wallets, belts, clothing, etc.)

Ramble on Pearl
1638 Pearl St
10% off one full-priced item per day

Savory Spice Shop
2041 Broadway
Offer: 10% off your purchases

Retail: Groceries & Liquor

Savory Spice Shop
2041 Broadway
Offer: 10% off your purchases


23rd Studios
1035 Pearl Street 5th Floor or 720-259-9951
Offer: 10% Discount on Photography and Videography Services

Indra's Net
Offer: 10% off co-location and web hosting services

uBreakiFix Boulder
1136 Spruce Street
Offer: 10% on all electronics repairs excluding Samsung