Boat Permit Updates

Boat permits are sold out for the 2021 season.

Small Craft Permits

Small craft permits (non-motorized craft used outside the swim area: canoes, kayaks, SUP - inflatable or standard, kiteboards, etc.) are typically available for purchase online beginning Feb. 2 for that calendar year. They are first come, first served until they sell out.

Demand for small watercraft permits is extremely high. We will post more information and a link to purchase on Feb 2, 2022.

*Permit stickers will be put on your craft when you first bring your watercraft out to start your season, beginning April 1. They will be at the Reservoir under the name used to purchase permits. Please bring your watercraft with you as we will place the sticker(s) on the craft.

Power and Sailboat Permits

  • We will be accepting applications for new power and sailboat permits for 2022. We will not be accepting applications for any Class 5 powerboats. Please see ANS protocol for definition of a Class 5 watercraft.
  • The use of personal water craft such as jet skis, e-foils and jet boards is prohibited at the Boulder Reservoir. Jet skis will only be used by/for water safety staff.
  • The application for new boaters will be posted on this web page beginning Feb. 1 at 9 a.m. for current calendar year. The application closes on March 1 at 9 a.m. We do not accept applications at any other time.
  • Permits are sold based on availability. We do not sell any large craft permits after May 4.

*For 2022: No new class 5 permits will be issued. Only renewals will be allowed for class 5 boats. Class 5 permits include pontoon boats, house boats, cabin cruisers and boats with ballasts.