Signs on any building are required to have a City of Boulder sign permit.

A licensed sign contractor must obtain a permit and install the sign.

Sign Regulations

There are regulations regarding the size, number, type and locations of signs that can be displayed on a building. Some types of signs are not allowed under the code. Select the "Boulder Revised Code: Chapter 9-9-21: Signs" link for more information.

Signs That Cannot be Displayed

  • Any sign installed without a permit
  • Signs in the right of way, including a-frame sandwich board signs
  • Signs more than 25 feet in height or signs on a roof
  • Certain types of window signs
  • Signs that move, twinkle, rotate, pulsate or appear to have motion.
  • Strings of lights
  • Off-premises signs
  • Unsafe signs
  • Wind signs, with one exception. A banner is considered a wind sign. A person can obtain a no-fee permit for a banner that can be displayed for 30 days during the first year of operation of a business for any reason. The maximum size of this banner is 50 square feet.

Apply for a Sign Permit

Find a licensed sign contractor

A licensed sign contractor must obtain the permit and install the sign

Apply for a Sign Contractor License

Complete a Contractor Licensing Application

Provide a copy of a Certificate of Insurance

Pay the annual licensing fees

  • As required by BRC 4-20-21(a)

Classification of Licenses

  • Class A: entitles the licensee to contract for the manufacture and installation of signs and related structures, including awnings which are directly supported by the structure only and canvas canopies being supported by building and vertical supports, and to paint signs on existing structures.
  • Class B: entitles the licensee to contract for painting signs on existing structures.