Better for Most Properties

The prescriptive path has been chosen 98% of time by property owners to achieve compliance.


  • Inspection needs to be completed by a certified Rental Energy Efficiency Inspector.
  • Each unit must achieve 100 energy efficiency points, and two water conservation points.

Follow the Prescriptive Pathway

Get an inspection

The first step is to hire a licensed SmartRegs inspector to visit your rental property and complete an inspection. The results of the inspection determine whether or not improvements need to be completed. All improvements must also be verified by the inspector who will then update the points.

  1. Connect with a licensed SmartRegs Inspector

    Based on your needs, choose a licensed inspector from the List of SmartRegs Inspectors and Services Offered.

  2. Submit a scheduling request

    Once you have chosen an inspector, submit a scheduling request. The inspector will respond to coordinate timing.

Inspection results

  1. If improvements are needed

    If an inspection has revealed that a rental property is not SmartRegs compliant then you'll need to make improvements to the property until a passing score is obtained.

  2. If your property passes the inspection
    • Make sure that your inspector updates your score based on the completed improvements.
    • Make sure your rental license application exhibits that SmartRegs compliance has been obtained for the rental property.

More information

You can study the detailed design of the prescriptive path by accessing the SmartRegs handbook.

Please also see the checklist and innovative measures for points below.

Rental properties that are challenged to reach SmartRegs compliance may request a review for a Technically Impractical exemption.

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