• Picnic Area

Trailhead Description

Just off Flagstaff Road, Lost Gulch Overlook offers a stunning lookout over the forested foothills and mountains beyond. This short stop is common for sunset and sunrise views. The very short trail is also easy and simple for all skill levels.


Lost Gulch Overlook is about 4.4 miles up Flagstaff Road. Please note: the vehicle length limit for Flagstaff Road is 30 feet.


Parking lot with 24 standard parking spaces, and a parking fee. Information on parking permits & fees.

Parking - Know the Facts

It is unsafe and illegal to park in a way that:

  • Blocks emergency access gate or fire lane;
  • Blocks pedestrian gate or driveway;
  • Prevents horse trailer parking; or
  • Along any highway or a roadway where prohibited by sign.

All vehicles parked in a manner described above are subject to being ticketed/towed.

Never park in the roadway. The roadway is defined as the space between the white (fog) line and the yellow (center) line. If ANY part of your vehicle (tire, mirror) is between the white and yellow lines, your vehicle is a hazard and can be ticketed/towed immediately.

Because parking is very limited and our trailheads are quite popular, please show up early to get a parking spot.

Area Info

Bike Regulations

No bicycles are allowed in this area. Bicycles may be ridden only on those trails that are posted with the international bicycle symbol. Other bike trails on OSMP.

Dog Regulations

Lost Gulch Area Dog Regulations Map

Learn about bringing your dog to OSMP. Dogs must be on a hand-held leash at all times in the Lost Gulch Overlook area. Dog excrement removal is required by law. A dog station is available to aid in the collection of dog excrement.

Horse Regulations

Allowed on most trails. Off-trail riding is discouraged to protect rare plants and wildlife habitat. Learn more about riding your horse on OSMP.


Mountain lions inhabit this area. Coyotes, foxes, mule deer and raptors are commonly sighted.