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Boulder Municipal Airport

Boulder Municipal Airport

Boulder Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport, providing business, private, recreational and emergency aviation services to the City of Boulder and surrounding communities. Boulder Municipal Airport does not offer commercial airline service.

For commercial flights into the Denver/Boulder area, use Denver International Airport.

Important Notices

  • Airport Day and Open House:  We are excited to host Airport Day this year on Saturday, June 16th.  For information, please visit our Airport Day page.
  • Transient aircraft: Please check in with Journeys Aviation (in the terminal) if you park on the east-half of the ramp or Specialty Flight Training (Hanger 3324) if you park on the west-half of the ramp.
  • Glider runway operations: Simultaneous take-offs and landings are prohibited on Runway 8/26 and 8G/26G due to their close proximity (197 feet centerline to centerline).  Powered aircraft must yield to glider traffic on final or initiate a go-around to ensure proper spacing.
  • Denver International Airport noise:  Please click on the "Aircraft Noise" button above for information about DIA traffic over south Boulder.

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Airport Menu

Aircraft Noise

The BMA has a voluntary noise abatement program. Noise abatement procedures are designed to minimize the level of aircraft noise.

Leasing Information

The airport has 80 t-hangars grouped into three categories based on their amenities. To check availability, call Airport Administration.

Business Directory

Boulder Municipal Airport is a General Aviation airport and does not have commercial airline service.

Facility Specifications

Boulder Municipal Airport Facility Specifications. Includes FAA Identifier, Airport Operations, Airport Communications and Runway Info.

Airport Traffic Pattern

General Approach and Landing, Departure, and Pattern Procedures - Visual Flight Rules (VFR) only.

Airport Master Plan

The goals and vision outlined in the Airport Master Plan attempt to provide a safe, self-sufficient and community-oriented general aviation

Airport Day

Airport Day is a free family event on Father's Day weekend every other year featuring a variety of gliders, helicopters and other aircraft.

Boulder Municipal Airport

Boulder Municipal Airport provides private, business, recreational and emergency services to the City of Boulder and surrounding community.

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