Riches of Ditches bike tour
OSMP Staff
Volunteer with OSMP

Sunshine Canyon Trail Building
Kristin Weinberger

Sunshine Canyon Trail building by Kristin Weinberger

Give back to the land you love! Community volunteerism, partnerships and neighborhood involvement serve an increasingly vital role in OSMP’s fulfillment of our Charter Purposes. Become involved; share your time to help inspire collective stewardship and build community.

Wheelchair user on nature program
Kristen Boyer

Deepen your sense of place. Come connect with Boulder’s natural, cultural, and scenic heritage. Broaden your understanding and appreciation of what it takes to manage OSMP lands. Through providing unique learning opportunities, we hope to inspire a collective stewardship ethic across the generations. Join us and continue to develop a lifetime connection with your wild backyard.

For Youth

Children hiking on Dakota Ridge Trail
Dave Sutherland

With fresh eyes and a keen sense of curiosity, youth can discover the joys and wonders of nature on OSMP, developing a lifelong sense of place. Connection and love of the natural world builds confidence and stewards of the future!