Department of Community Vitality


The department of Community Vitality (CV) was formed in October 2015 as part of a reorganization of the Downtown and University Hill Management Division and Parking Services (including Boulder Junction) with the Economic Vitality work group previously within the department of Community Planning and Sustainability. Community Vitality serves the downtown, University Hill and Boulder Junction districts, the business community and many neighborhoods by providing quality programs and assistance, access and parking, maintenance and alternative mode services with the highest level of customer service, efficient management and effective problem solving.


Community Vitality is organized into the following program areas:

Provide support, collaboration and management within the downtown, Hill Commercial area and Boulder Junction. Manage the public spaces in the University Hill commercial area and downtown including the Pearl Street Mall; coordinate with the downtown and Hill organizations on public safety issues, marketing and events; plan for and coordinate public space capital improvements within the districts; and manage special events permitting in the downtown, on University Hill and film permitting citywide. Staff four district advisory commissions.

Support and coordinate efforts throughout the city organization and with partner organizations to monitor, nurture and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of our community; support long term economic sustainability through strategic initiatives; support Boulder businesses with assistance services, retention and outreach efforts, and incentive programs; and coordinate targeted efforts in the downtown, Boulder Junction and the University Hill commercial areas.

Foster and manage a multi-modal approach to access and parking in Boulder’s commercial areas and neighborhoods, including:

  • Operations and Maintenance – Maintain, manage and operate downtown, Boulder Junction and University Hill commercial area public automobile and bicycle parking infrastructure including seven surface lots, seven garages, 1,615 on-street metered auto parking spaces, and over 1,300 bike racks.
  • Travel Demand Management – Administer the downtown and Boulder Junction travel demand management (TDM) programs including Eco Pass, car share and bike share. Administer the employee Eco Pass pilot program in the University Hill commercial area.
  • Parking Permit Management – Manage the 12 Neighborhood Parking Permit programs including 2,728 resident permits and 354 commuter permits, and the over 2500 commercial area permits for the garages and lots.
  • Parking Enforcement – Use education and enforcement as tools to manage public parking in the downtown, Boulder Junction and University Hill commercial areas, in the 12 neighborhood parking permit zones and citywide.

The Administration and Finance division provides administrative and financial support to the department, customer service to patrons, and sales and administration of commercial and residential parking permits and other parking products. Manages four general improvement district funds and a general fund account.

Includes administration and oversight of cultural grants, creative sector programs, public art, support for cultural nonprofits, creative neighborhoods programs, and support for individual artists and creative professionals. It also is responsible for administering support for the Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts, the NoBo Art District, and the Arts Commission.

Community Vitality services five city advisory commissions:

  • Downtown Management Commission
  • University Hill Commercial Area Management Commission
  • Boulder Junction Access District – Parking
  • Boulder Junction Access District – Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
  • Arts Commission