Your Guide to Connecting with Staff 

Everything you need to know to connect with Planning & Development Services staff. Check below to learn when to use our virtual advisor, submit an inquiry or schedule an appointment to most efficiently answer your questions.

For information about walk-in hours, please visit the Customer Service Hub.

When to Use the Virtual Advisor

Not sure where to start?

The virtual advisor is a great place to start if you're not sure what category you're looking for.

General Inquiries

The advisor can point you to the correct topic page and resources for your general questions.

Specific Inquiries

The advisor can also narrow down the available resources online to assist with answering your specific questions.

When to submit an inquiry

After you've reviewed our resources

Once you've checked the virtual advisor and reviewed the resources and guides available on your topic page on, you can submit an inquiry through Inquire Boulder.

For the fastest response, provide details

Submitting an inquiry is the quickest way to receive a response to your questions. To ensure staff is able to answer your question, please provide as much information as possible - no information is too much information! The more information you share, the more detailed our response can be.

Submit a detailed inquiry

Once you've gotten all your information for your inquiry ready to go, go to Inquire Boulder to submit an inquiry to staff.

When to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment

After you've reviewed our resources

After you have reviewed the resources available on your topic page on, submitted an inquiry through Inquire Boulder or asked the virtual advisor to find your answers online, you can schedule an appointment with staff.

Virtual vs. in-person

Go to your topic of interest under Schedule a virtual or in-person appointment, then choose from 20-minute virtual or in-person appointments.

Submit your materials and question

You will need to submit a detailed question as part of your appointment request. If there is not enough detail in your appointment request, staff may reach out to for more information, or direct you to our online resources.

For in-person appointments, you will still need to submit materials online based on the directions on your given topic page. All materials must be submitted online and hard copies will not be accepted at in-person appointments, or at the Customer Service Hub. We also cannot connect external devices to city computers.

When to call or walk-in to the Customer Service Hub

Call or walk-in

You can call our Customer Service Hub at 303-441-1880, or join us for walk-in hours.

1101 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, CO 80302

Tuesday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Need help navigating the P&DS web page or Customer Self Service portal, or knowing who to contact about your development project?

Our team is happy to help you learn what services P&DS offers, find the tools or resources you need, and get you in touch with the right staff member to answer questions about your specific project.

Need help determining which topic to choose for your inquiry or scheduling an appointment with a P&DS staff member?

We can assist you over the phone or in person and walk you through the process to submit an inquiry or schedule an appointment.