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Flatirons Vista Trailhead

Flatirons Vista Trailhead

OSMP Alerts

Winter conditions 

Winter conditions exist across open space! 

  • Trails may be icy & slick. 
  • Wear appropriate gear, such as traction devices for your shoes/boots.
  • Do not walk on ice-covered lakes and ponds.


People enjoy open space for physical, emotional and mental health. Remember to always be courteous. Don't forget: 

  • Only recreate with household members.
  • Wear a face covering when passing others. 
  • Stay on trail/walk through mud. Avoid stepping on vegetation. 
  • Visit to see current trail closures, historical data that shows areas of high and low open space use and trails that are wider than 6 feet. See when trails are busiest through our Visitation Data Explorer.
  • Protect first responders. Know your limits and don’t take unnecessary risks.


0.3 mile south of Highway 128 on Highway 93.

Please check for Trail & Area Closures.

Or view the interactive trail map (includes trail closures) and the interactive wildlife closures map

You are responsible for knowing and complying with all closures and OSMP rules & regulations.


Parking lot on west side of Highway 93 with a parking fee. Information on parking permits & fees.


Please keep your car doors locked and your car windows rolled up at all times while leaving your vehicle parked at OSMP trailheads. Also consider leaving important valuables at home or take them with you while visiting open space. To report suspicious activity please call City of Boulder Dispatch 303-441-3333 or Boulder County Dispatch 303-441-4444. For crimes in progress, call 911 immediately.


View Flatirons Vista Trail Map pdf

Flatirons Vista Trail is a loop trail (3.3 mile) leading out from the trailhead westward through open stands of ponderosa pine before the junction with Doudy Draw Trail. Prairie Vista (0.9 mile) connects with Flatirons Vista South and offers visitors an opportunity to do a shorter loop back to the trailhead. Doudy Draw Trail descends from the western edge of the Flatirons Plateau into the draw and north to the Doudy Draw Trailhead. The Spring Brook Loop can be accessed by following the Doudy Draw trail 1 mile past the junction with Flatirons Vista. The Goshawk Ridge Trail and Eldorado Mountain HCA are accessible from Spring Brook Loop.


This area is identified as being popular with people using wheelchairs. See the Accessible Trails Page for details.


An RTD bus passes very close to this trailhead. Learn about Taking the Bus to OSMP.


Restrooms located at the trailhead.


Picnic facilities located at Doudy Draw picnic area, 3.4 miles from the Flatirons Vista Trailhead. Grills and stoves are prohibited.


Bicycles are allowed on the Flatirons Vista Trails, Prairie Vista, and trails connecting with Doudy Draw and Community Ditch Trails. By crossing Highway 93 at the stop light, bikes may access the Greenbelt Plateau and High Plains trails and the Marshall Mesa area. Bicycles may be ridden only on those trails that are posted with the international bicycle symbol. Other bike trails on OSMP.


Flatirons Vista Area Dog Regulations Map

Learn about bringing your dog to OSMP. Dogs are allowed on Spring Brook North and along Fowler Trail to County Road 67 if they are on a hand-held leash and on-trail; dogs are not allowed on Spring Brook South or Goshawk Ridge. In other areas, dogs must be on a hand-held leash at all times unless they meet the voice and sight control standard and display a City of Boulder Voice and Sight tag. Dog excrement removal is required by law.

Dogs must be leashed seasonally on the upper section of the Doudy Draw Trail south of Community Ditch Trail and west of the Flatirons Vista Trailhead because of black bear activity.


Equestrians are allowed on all trails in the Flatirons Vista area. Off-trail riding is not allowed in the Spring Brook Loop area or the Eldorado Mountain HCA, and is discouraged in other areas to protect rare plants and wildlife habitat. Learn more about riding your horse on OSMP.


Coyotes, songbirds, birds of prey, mule deer, and bobcats are common year round. Bears can be sighted spring through fall. Bluebirds may gather here in the spring. Watch for golden and bald eagles overhead in the winter.


  • Current and historic grazing area. Early history of Native American sites.