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Plan Your Visit

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Gate Hours

Hours subject to change.

March Hours: 

Entry Gate Open 10am-4pm; Exit Gate Closes at 5pm.

Entry Gate Open Exit Gate Closes
10:00AM-5:00PM 6:00PM
Entry Gate Open Exit Gate Closes
7:00AM-8:00PM 9:00PM
Entry Gate Open Exit Gate Closes
10:00AM-5:00PM 6:00PM

Entry Fees

Daily entry fees will be charged April 12, 2021 through October 17, 2021. Each person entering the park must pay the entrance fee. Fees are collected for each person entering Boulder Reservoir including runners, walkers and cyclists. 

Individual Carload
$5 $10


  Pass Fee Resident/Worker*
Adult (19-59) $11 $9
Senior (60+) $8.25 $6.75
Youth (3-18) $6.50 $5.50
Group Rate** $29 $24


Individual Carload
$5 $10

*Resident/Worker Fees
Rate reflects a discount rate for those who either live, or are paid employees of businesses or organizations, within the city limits of Boulder. If you need help determining your fee status speak with our team members at the front gate. Adult proof of residence/worker status required. 

**Group Entry Rate: (4 people total; max 2 adults)
Includes a maximum of two adults, with four entries total.

Rain Check/Refund Policy: No rain checks will be issued unless a facility is closed due to weather for two or more consecutive hours. No rain checks will be issued after 5 p.m. We do NOT offer refunds for any reason.

Pass Options

Passes include entry to the Boulder Reservoir, East Boulder Community Center, North Boulder Recreation Center, South Boulder Recreation Center, Scott Carpenter Pool, and Spruce Pool.

​10 VISIT PASS - No expiration and transferable.
Adult (19-59) $99 $81
Senior (60+) $74 $61
Youth (13-18) $59 $50


​MONTHLY PASS - Auto-renews every 30 days with credit card. Cancel anytime.
  Pass Fee Resident/Worker*
Adult (19-59) $76 $62
Senior (60+) $57 $47
Youth (13-18) $45 $38
Household** $122 $99
Paid in full. Non-transferable. Valid 4/12 - 10/17 only.
Adult (19-59) $396 $324
Senior (60+) $297 $243
Youth (13-18) $234 $198
Household** $634 $519


*Resident/Worker Fees -   Rate reflects a discount rate for those who either live, or are paid employees of businesses or organizations, within the city limits of Boulder. If you need help determining your fee status speak with our team members at any recreation center. Adult proof of residence/worker status required. Applicable for recreation facility entry fees only.

Any adults, seniors or youth residing at the same address. Anyone 19 years old and over must provide proof of same address residence (sorry, no exceptions).

Getting Here


If you are bringing ANY watercraft, including inflateable craft such as stand up paddleboards, etc, it must have a valid boat permit.  We ONLY sell annual permits for ALL watercraft, NO day passes are allowed. 

The following guidelines are in place to allow the Boulder Reservoir to be open for permitted boating/watercraft use: 

  • DO NOT tie up to any docks, except for launching and exiting the water. 
  • When exiting the water, one boat at a time tied to dock. 
  • All 2021 ANS protocol is in place and strictly enforced. 
  • Clean surfaces in your boat, on your trailer and personal items using regular household products. 
  • All motorized craft  must  schedule their decontaminations and quarantines at least 48 hours in advance.   Please email staff if you need the sign-up link.
  • Please follow posted protocols when you enter for inspection.  
  • Visit lakes or reservoirs in your local area and do not travel to go boating. 

Watercraft Rentals

Pontoon Boat and small watercraft rentals (SUP, kayak, canoe) are available for reservation through Rocky Mountain Paddlboard.

No Wake Hours

All watercraft on Boulder Reservoir must remain wakeless with the exception of city-sanctioned activities and lake patrol operations. These  no wake days and times will be enforced April 12th - October 17th.

  • Tuesday 7 a.m. -  11 a.m.
  • Thursday 7 a.m. - 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Sunday 7 a.m.- 11 a.m.

Swimming Area

We will update this section when we have more information about swim opportunities at the Reservoir in 2021.

General Rules

Enforcement:  All visitors must comply with all park rules and all swimming and boating regulations. Boulder Police will be on site at times to help enforce park regulations and provide public safety and service as needed.

No person shall swim outside the designated swimming area. 

Shallow water is designated by red buoys. Swim tests will be administered by a lifeguard for permission to swim outside of shallow area.

Dogs are not allowed in the park May 15 through Labor Day.

Beach:  Minimum water temperature to open swim area: 60˚F for the shallow water area to open and 64˚F for the entire swim area to open.

THURSDAYS:  Beach will close at 5:30 p.m. for weekly Stroke and Stride events.

PLEASE NOTE:  The beach may be closed at any time due to weather or for other health/ safety concerns.

Lifeguards: The swimming beach is staffed by open water certified lifeguards during seasonal, open beach hours only. Swimming is only allowed when lifeguards are present and on duty. Please do not approach lifeguard staff that are actively monitoring the water.

Facilities: There are restrooms, shower and changing facilities located in the main building by the beach area.

Weather Safety

Weather at the Boulder Reservoir and along the Rocky Mountain Front Range is unpredictable and can change rapidly, becoming dangerous to boaters, swimmers and other visitors. Be aware of rapid cloud build-up, drop in temperature and sudden changes in wind direction or speed as these may signal the arrival of dangerous weather conditions.

Please be advised of the following weather safety policies:

LIGHTNING:  When lightning is seen or thunder is heard near the reservoir it will close. It is strongly recommended that people take immediate shelter in their cars. It is not safe to take shelter under a tent, tree or building, or anywhere within 100 feet of the shore when lightning is present. The reservoir will typically reopen thirty (30) minutes after the last audible thunder is heard or lightning seen.


Reservoir Caution/Bad Weather Flag (a red, triangular flag)
This flag is displayed to indicate imminent or existing weather conditions which are or may become dangerous. Swimmers are  REQUIRED  to get out of the water immediately. Boaters are strongly encouraged to get off or out of the water as quickly as possible.

Reservoir Closed Flag (a red, square flag with a black square in the middle).
This flag is displayed when severe weather or emergency conditions exist and pose a hazard to your safety or the safety of others. During this display, all boaters and swimmers are  REQUIRED  to get off or out of the water immediately.

If lightning is present when either flag is displayed, we strongly urge visitors to take shelter in their cars. When flags are removed, the reservoir is reopened.

Alcohol at the Reservoir

Patrons of legal age may possess and consume alcoholic beverages in the park. Glass containers are not allowed.

You must have proper identification available to confirm age when requested. All state and local laws apply to the consumption of alcohol and will be strictly enforced. It is illegal to operate a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items will be kept at the Front gate.


The City of Boulder encourages all park visitors to help reduce landfill waste by recycling appropriate plastic, paper and metal containers in the recycling containers provided (remember: glass containers are not permitted at the reservoir).

The Boulder Reservoir is striving to become a zero-waste facility! Please help us by doing your part. Please compost food waste (including paper plates, napkins and "corn starch" cutlery). We encourage guests to bring and use special "compostable" plastic ware and discourage the use of non-recyclable Styrofoam, plastic cups and other utensils.


Groups of 10 or more require a reservation to ensure staffing levels are adequate. If a group of 10 or more arrives without a reservation, they may be asked to leave.

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Swim Reservation Request

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Children under 3 years old must wear swim diapers; regular disposable diapers are prohibited on children in the water. Children 5 years old and under must be within arm's reach of an adult when in the water or near the water's edge.

Flotation devices are allowed only at the discretion of the lifeguards/beach staff.