Have More Fun Than You've Had Since Elementary School

Join the dodgeball leagues at the Boulder rec centers.

Important Dates

  • Registration opens: 11/6
  • Registration closes: 12/11 (a $20 fee will apply to any team registering after the deadline).
  • Schedules posted to the web: one week prior to first game
  • Games begin: 1/4
  • Cost: $390

​​​​​​​General League Information

  • Co-ed teams of 6, 3 guys/ 3 gals to start. Unlimited roster
  • Teams will play 2 matches per night, 5 games per match
  • Games play at the South Boulder Rec. Center, first matches start at 6:20 p.m.
  • League will run 8 weeks, week 8 will be a double elimination tournament
  • League dates: Fall - approx. November - December; Winter - approx. January- February
  • Cost: ~$390

Dodgeball Rules & Policies

The International Dodgeball Federation rulebook shall govern all games, with the exception of local league rules.

Team Rules: All Leagues

  1. Coed teams will consist of 6 players, 3 men and 3 women on the court at a time.
  2. Men’s or Women’s teams consist of either 6 men or 6 women on the court at any given time.
  3. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players to start a game. Failure to have 5 players at game time will result in a forfeit.
  4. Teams may have unlimited players on a roster. Players will not be added to a roster after the start of matches for any individual game time.
  5. Teams play with six players on the court to begin and may not exceed six at any time throughout play.

Equipment Rules

  1. The official ball used in tournament and league play will be an 8 ½” rubber/plastic coated foam ball.
  2. The standard number of balls for a game is six.

Uniform Rules

  1. Uniforms are not mandatory, but are strongly encouraged.
  2. It is asked that teams dress in similar colored shirts.
  3. All players must wear a shirt, closed-toe athletic shoes, and shorts or pants
  4. Midriff baring clothes are not allowed in City of Boulder leagues.
  5. Costumes are permitted, but must not cause any hindrance in play or danger to any participant or the Umpire.

Playing Rules

Beginning the Game

  1. Prior to each game, each team will be given 3 balls to start the match.
  2. Players take positions along the end line, with one hand on the wall, balls in hand.
  3. Following signal by official (whistle), teams may move and begin throwing the balls.

Game Play

  1. There will be 5 games played per 20 minute match. Please see “Tournament Play” section of rules for information on match play during tournament play.
  2. Each game will have a time limit of seven minutes.
  3. Teams will alternate sides following each game.
  4. The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them OUT.

Playing Area, Boundaries & Markings

  1. The center line will serve as the center boundary between the two teams; no other lines will serve as a boundary.
  2. Court divider also reflects boundary. Balls are dead when crossing divider.
  3. During play, players may not cross the center line boundary.
  4. Players may retrieve stray balls at any time. Because no other boundary lines exist other than the center line, players are susceptible to being hit at any time. i) A stray ball is one that has not been picked up and is lying on the ground.
  5. Players who are out may help put balls back in to play by rolling them back onto the court.
  6. A player shall not, have any part of their body cross the centerline and make contact with the ground on their opponent’s side of the court, including players who are out.

Player Throws & Catches

  1. A player hit by a “live” thrown ball is considered out.
    1. Definition: LIVE - A ball that thrown and has not touched anything, including the floor/ground, official or other item outside of the playing field: wall, ceiling, net, etc.
  2. If a defender attempts to catch a live ball, but drops it, the defender is out.
  3. If a defender catches a “live” thrown ball, the thrower is out and one player then returns to the defenders side on first out, first in basis.
  4. If a thrown ball hits a defender and is then caught by a defending teammate, before becoming dead, the thrower is out as well as the defender hit by the ball. Then a player from the defending team may re-enter because of the catch.
  5. If a defender deflects a thrown ball with a ball in their possession, it can be deflected to one of their players and if caught, the thrower is out and one of the defending team’s players may return to the game.
  6. If a defender deflects a thrown ball (with either their body or a held ball) and their teammate touches it, but does not catch the ball, that player who did not catch the ball, is out.
  7. If a defender deflects a thrown ball, with a ball in their possession, the thrown ball is still alive and if it then hits the person who deflected it, that person it out.
  8. If a defender deflects a thrown ball, then drops the original ball in their possession they are out.
  9. If a player is hit in the head while in a vertical standing position, they or the thrower are not out. If that player is attempting to dodge or in a non-vertical position and is hit, they will be considered out. J. Uniforms are considered part of a player’s body.
  10. Any ball that touches the ceiling, ground, wall, or basketball standard is considered a dead ball.
  11. Players who have been called out must form a line in order of being called out, at the designated area, until it is their turn to rejoin the game.
  12. A player may only hold the ball for 5 seconds; a dribble is allowed to restart the 5 second time limit. If the ball is held for more than 5 seconds, the player will be out.
  13. A player may not have more than one ball in their possession at any time.
  14. Unsportsmanlike conduct, in any form, will result in immediate ejection from the game. Respect needs to be given to the game official at all times.


  1. Each team will be allowed one, 60-second time out per game.
  2. A timeout will be called when the official has recognized the request and signaled for time out by blowing their whistle. Any player may signal the timeout.
  3. Any balls that are “in play” when the whistle is blown are still considered live. Ball must have left the hand before or while whistle is blown.


  1. During a time-out is the ONLY time a team may substitute players into a game.
  2. Substitute players are allowed but MUST be of the same sex. Only a male can substitute for a male and only a female can substitute for a female.
  3. If a time-out is called due to injury, a substitution may be made for the injured player only.
  4. Re-entry rule: If a defender catches a “live” thrown ball, the thrower is out and one player then returns to the defenders’ side in order of first out, first in. The player who threw the ball is still OUT. If the team catching the ball has no players OUT, play simply continues with no player reentering the contest.

Stalling Violation

  1. A team trailing in numbers of players requires a ball to be at their disposal for the opportunity to eliminate opposing players.
  2. It is illegal for the leading team to control all for the balls for more than five seconds. If the leading team controls all the balls (all balls are located on their side of the centerline, they must make a legitimate effort to get at least one ball across to the opposing side before a five second violation is called. This may be done by throwing or rolling a ball towards the opponent’s side. Only the official may call a five-second violation.
  3. Penalty for five-second violation:
    1. First offense- A warning will be given to the offending team and all the balls will be given to the other side.
    2. Second offense- will result in a member of the offending team being declared OUT automatically.

Declaring a Winner

  1. The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players or with the most remaining players after the expiration of the time period, will be declared the game winner.
  2. Matches will consist of a series of five games between the two teams. All game scores will count toward a team’s record.
  3. A time limit of seven minutes has been established for each game. If neither team has been eliminated at the end of the time limit, the team with the greater number of players on the floor will be declared the winner.
  4. In case of an equal number of players remaining for each team at the expiration of the time limit, a three-minute sudden death overtime period will be played. The first team to eliminate ONE opposing player will be declared the winner.
  5. Should teams remain tied after the first overtime period; each team will add one player to their side and play another overtime period according to the above rules. Overtime play shall continue until there is a winning team.

Tournament Play

  1. All rules from league play will carry over to tournament play with the following exceptions:
    1. Game time will be 10 minutes.
    2. Winners of a match will be declared after a best of three series of games. If one team has won two games, a third game will not be played.

League Standing Rules


In order to avoid several season end ties, standings will be kept as follows:

  1. Records will reflect both number of wins and losses
  2. The winning team will be awarded one (1) point for each player standing at the end of each game.
    1. Example: Team A wins 3 of 5 games and has 1 player standing at the end of the first and second win and 3 players standing at the end of the third win. Their standings would reflect as: 3-2, with 5 points.

Tiebreaker Rule

  1. Tiebreaker Rule: When 2 or more teams have identical win-loss records at the end of league play, the following method will be used to determine league standings.
  2. Fewest number of forfeits
  3. (If a team has more forfeits than another team it is tied with, that team is eliminated from the tiebreaking) D. Head to head (or group)
  4. (The head to head standings of the tied team, when the teams remaining in the tie have played each other equal number of times.)
  5. Head to head (or group) point differential
  6. (Within the teams remaining in the tie, in games played against each other, the team with the biggest points for/against difference remains in the tiebreaking)
  7. Head to head (or group) points against
  8. (Within the teams remaining in the tie, in games played against each other, the team with the fewest points allowed remains in the tiebreaking)
  9. Total season points for
  10. (Within the teams remaining in the tie, the team that has scored the most points in the season remains in the tie)
  11. Coin toss if two teams remain in the tie, a draw by lot if more than two team remain in the tie.
  12. Final standings will be posted within 24 hours of your last regular season game; any protest of standings must be made within 24 hours of posting. After 24 hours, standings are final.


  1. All games are scheduled by the Program Coordinator.
  2. Team managers are responsible to alerting teams of all game times, including make-up and tournament games.
  3. Schedules, makeup games, standings, rules, etc. will be posted on TeamSideline.
  4. Forfeits:
    1. Non-appearance forfeit: When a team fails to show up for their scheduled match without notification, they must pay a $25 fee prior to participating in their next match.
      1. Exception: If a team has to forfeit, they must notify the Program Coordinator at 303-413-7465 by 4 p.m. the day of the game or by 1 p.m. on Friday for games played on the weekend.
    2. If a team has 3 forfeits, that team will be dropped from the league and remaining schedule will be offered up on a first-come, first-served basis to all other teams in the league.

All rules are subject to change at Program Coordinator's discretion.

Objectives and Purposes

The objectives and purposes of the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department Adult Sports Leagues shall be to foster, develop, promote, and regulate amateur sports in the City of Boulder; to establish rules and regulations governing all teams participating: to engage in any activity that will be beneficial to the participants and the leagues’ well-being, and to extend the sports as wholesome recreational activities.

General Policy Statement

The Boulder Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to change any and all rules, regulations and policies whenever due cause warrants a change. When a change is made, all managers of teams affected by the change will be notified immediately.

General Policies

The regulations stated under General Policies will govern all adult sport leagues: basketball, softball, dodgeball, volleyball, kickball and soccer.

Animals: No animals will be allowed in any sport complex with the exception of service animals with clearly marked insignia.

Bottles and Kegs: No bottles or kegs are allowed at the sport complexes.

Pleasant View Soccer Complex – No alcohol is allowed.

Sportsmanship and fair play will be the hallmark of all adult sport programs.

The Rules Committee that governs all Boulder Parks and Recreation Adult Sports will be composed of the Recreation Supervisor and the Program Coordinator for the respective sport.

Team Registration

In the event that we receive the maximum number of team entries during registration, the following priority will be used for teams on the waiting list.

  1. Teams that played in the same league and classification last year or teams moving up a classification.
  2. Teams that were first added to the waitlist.
  3. Teams that contain the highest percentage of City of Boulder residents.

Entry Fees and deadlines vary with each sport or league; please refer to the entry fee listed under each sport. Entries must be received by the published deadline or late fees may be incurred. Teams will not be considered entered until their entry fee has been paid in full.

Dividing Teams: The Boulder Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right and authority to place teams into leagues or divisions so competitive parity can be achieved.

Limit of Team Entries: The number of team entries will be limited due to facility availability. All entries are taken on a first come, first served basis. To assure team entry, team fees must be paid at the time of registration as designated on the specific league information.


Each player must sign the roster/waiver form before playing to be considered an eligible player.

Teams may have as many players on its roster as desired. All rosters must be turned in either typed or printed in a neat manner. Teams may add players at any time during the season unless designated by specific league rules.

Refunds: Absolutely no entry or player fees will be refunded once the deadline has passed.

Players may play in as many leagues as they want but only one team per league. Players must sign a roster/waiver for each team they play with.

Participants must be 18 years of age in order to play in the Adult Sport Leagues.

Current varsity athletes in the particular sport from either high school or college are ineligible during “on” season.

No Official Present Rule

In the event that an official fails to be present and the two teams wish to play:

  1. The game supervisor must be notified.
  2. The absent official form must be signed by both team managers and the game supervisor.
  3. At the game’s end the form must be given to the game supervisor.
  4. The scores will then be entered into the official record. In the event that an official fails to be present and the two teams do not wish to play, a make up game will be scheduled at Program Coordinator’s discretion.

Release of Liability

It is the manager’s responsibility to see that each player is aware and agrees that there are certain inherent dangers and risks involved in playing and participating in the sports of basketball, softball, dodgeball, volleyball, kickball and soccer. By accepting the role of manager you assume the liability for all players who have not signed the roster. All players must realize that they may be exposed to possible injury in connection with participation in the sport. All players are to be notified that the City of Boulder, the affiliated facilities, affiliated teams, and any staff members will not be held responsible for injuries.

City of Boulder Player Code of Conduct


Manager - A person designated as the team spokesperson. One who is either a player or non-player

Player - A person who actively participates in the game, whether it is playing or sitting on the bench, and who is on the roster. Spectator - A person who comes out to watch the games for entertainment with no physical involvement.

Official - A person on the field to administer the official rules.

Participation - Any involvement in the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department activities such as spectating, officiating, playing, coaching, registering for classes, or attending non-sporting events.

Recreation Activity - Any class or event sponsored by the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department.

Program Coordinator - The full-time Parks and Recreation employee designated to organize and supervise the activity. Team names may not reference; race, gender, ethnicity, religion or anything else that may be ruled on as offensive or inappropriate by the Sports Rules Committee, including offensive language or slang.

No player shall:

  1. At any time lay a hand upon, shove, strike, or threaten an official, player, or spectator.
  2. Refuse to abide by an official’s decision.
  3. Be guilty of obscene gestures, objectionable demonstrations, or dissent of an official’s decision.
  4. Be guilty of using unnecessarily rough tactics in the play of the game against the body and person of an opposing player.
  5. Be guilty of physical attack as an aggressor on any player, official, or spectator.
  6. Be guilty of using foul language (swearing) or abusive verbal attack upon any player, official, or spectator.
  7. Appear on the field under the influence of alcohol to the extent that he/she is inclined to cause harm to him/herself or another player.
  8. Misuse or destroy City of Boulder property or facilities. Officials are required to suspend the player immediately from further play and report the player to the Program Coordinator.

Minimum Penalty: Removal from the game, suspension from the team’s next game and placed on probation for the remainder of the season.

Maximum Penalty: Suspension from all City of Boulder recreational activities for life. Case is subject to review the following year. Police involvement.

No player shall:

  1. Discuss with an official in any manner the decisions reached by an official. Exception: The manager may confer with the official(s) in a reasonable and civil manner.
  2. Smoke while coming off or going onto the field of play in any recreation facility.

Minimum Penalty: Warning by the official.

Maximum Penalty: Suspension from all recreational activities for one year and probation for the following year. Case is subject to review the following year. Police involvement.

  1. Any player being placed on probation for the remainder of the season and reported again for the violation of Code of Conduct will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
  2. Any player removed from a game must leave the field, court, or facility immediately. This includes any and all city property and any other property used by the City of Boulder for programs. Failure to do so will carry a maximum penalty of suspension for the remainder of the season.
  3. Any person on probation who violates the Code of Conduct will be placed on suspension until the case can be heard by the Sports Department staff.
  4. Any person wishing to appeal a decision reached by the Program Coordinator should do so by calling the department at 303-413-7465 within 72 hours of the sports staff decision.
  5. Any ejected player must pay appropriate fine and sit out the designated number of games prior to playing again.

Failure to comply will result in suspension of playing, per Program Coordinator’s decision.