Information about Itinerant Merchant (Door to Door Sales) Licenses

How to apply for an Itinerant Merchant (Door to Door Sales) license and process checklist

Itinerant Merchant License Application Overview

  • An Itinerant Merchant license application must be completely filled out and signed, including: i) applicant business name, ii) legal name, home address, and birth date of all owners, officers, managers and members, and iii) local address and local phone numbers.
  • The application must be received at least two weeks prior to beginning sales. A late fee of $200.00 will be charged for all applications that are submitted after the deadline.
  • A city business license must be obtained, and a sales tax deposit in the amount of $500 (business check only) must be submitted. For questions, email Sales Tax at
  • Please Note: Background checks will be completed on all employees who will go door to door. There will be an additional background check fee of $7 per person.

How to Apply for an Itinerant Merchant (Door to Door Sales) License

Register for a City of Boulder Customer Self Service Portal Account

Apply & Pay Online

Submit completed application and payment online through the City of Boulder Customer Self-Service Portal.

View PDF application and payment instructions

Have Questions?

The Regulatory Licensing Division holds virtual application clinics every Wednesday morning from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., which you may attend virtually to ask miscellaneous license application questions: