Information About City of Boulder Medical Marijuana Business Licenses

How to apply for a Medical Marijuana Business License and related resources.

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Medical Marijuana Businesses Overview

  • The Boulder Revised Code states that persons or locations with over six plants or 2 ounces of product become a business and each business within city limits must have a valid and compliant city Marijuana Business license, along with a state license from the State Marijuana Enforcement Division, to legally operate in the City of Boulder.
  • The Medical Marijuana Business (MMB) ordinance can be found in Boulder Revised Code Chapter 6-14

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Business License

Register for a City of Boulder Customer Self Service Portal Account

Complete Application Packet

Locate the Medical Marijuana Business (MMB) Application Packet in the Medical Marijuana Business Application Documents section below.

Please note that specific instructions for each application type will be located within the packets.

Apply & Pay Online

The method for applying and paying online is unique to the type of application. See the options below.

  1. Renewal, Change of Ownership, Minor Modification, Trade/Business Name Change

    Submit completed application and payment online through the City of Boulder Customer Self-Service Portal.

    View PDF application and payment instructions

  2. New, Transfer, Major Modification

    Please request a secure folder to upload your application by filling out this License Submissions form.

    Once submitted, an invoice will be created and can be paid online using the Customer Self Service Portal.

  3. Keyholder

    As of September 1, 2021, the process to receive keyholder information from marijuana businesses has changed as follows:

    • The marijuana business owner (not the new keyholder) must sign the new city keyholder application packet. No fees will be required.
    • The marijuana business owner (not the new keyholder) must email the completed application in pdf format to:
    • City Licensing staff will receive the email attachment and will attach it to the applicable city marijuana license entry
    • City Licensing staff will only review city keyholder lists at the time of city license renewal, and at the time of renewal, we will delete all city keyholders from our records who are not listed on the page submitted with the city renewal.

Schedule Your Inspection

For Renewals, Major Modifications, and New Licenses, schedule a cannabis license inspection.

Have Questions?

The Regulatory Licensing Division holds virtual application clinics every Wednesday morning from 10:30 to 11 a.m. for marijuana license application questions:

New Applications, Renewals, and Maintenance

Marijuana license applications can be submitted online or mailed in.

Marijuana License renewals must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the license expiration date or a $5,000 late fee is required.

License maintenance applications, such as ownership or officer changes, must be filed at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the proposed change.

Major modifications of premises must be inspected and approved by the city before the modified space may be used for business purposes.

Conversion and Co-location Application Process

In accordance with Boulder Revised Code Chapter 6-14, Medical Marijuana Business (MMB) owners who are currently compliant are able to file 100 percent conversions, and co-location applications, whether via physical separation or virtual separation, of both MMB and RMB in their current licensed footprint.

MMBs in mixed use development locations with residential units open as of Oct. 22, 2013 are not eligible for the license conversion or co-location processing.

A person may only hold an ownership percentage interest in up to 3 RMB dispensaries or MMB wellness centers, whether single use or dual use, and there is no limit in the number of licenses which a person may hold an interest in for MIP licenses for MMB/RMB products or Grow locations for either MMB or RMB Greenhouses.

An additional city excise tax of 5 percent was approved by vote for RMB Grow locations and an added city 3.5 percent sales and use tax was approved by vote for RMB dispensary, MIP, and Testing locations. Payment of this city tax will be required for continued RMB license compliance.