2022 was a year of keeping people connected while creating new paths in mobility.

A 2022 snapshot of accomplishments

The City of Boulder is dedicated to building a people-first transportation system: a safe, accessible, and sustainable multimodal transportation network that brings people and places together.

2022 was a year of keeping people connected while creating new paths in mobility.

Top Four Highlights

Children smiling and biking down a multi-use path next to costumed traffic safety mascots

1. Completed the Lehigh Corridor Improvements Project

In partnership with Boulder Valley School District, this project helps make streets and sidewalks safer for walking and biking for all, with a focus on safe routes to and from school.

2. Began the Core Arterial Network

One of City Council's top priorities, the Core Arterial Network (CAN) focuses resources to design and construct improvements on 13 individual routes, or corridors, over the next several years.

3. Secured $6.4 million in federal grants

The federal funding will help continue work on the CAN. Funding is provided by the Denver Regional Council of Governments Subregional Transportation Improvement Program.

4. Transportation Design and Construction Standards Update

The updated city guidelines will better align future improvements with Boulder's vision for a multimodal, connected transportation system.


Your lived experiences help shape our shared streets.

Community engagement outside of Meadows library

Community engagement informed actions around safety, e-scooters, the CAN, and more in 2022.

  • 2364+ people shared their input on projects

  • Staff responded to 4890+ community requests

  • Boulder Valley Employee Survey was distributed to help inform future access to travel options

Safety, Accessibility and Connections

The city’s goal is zero serious and fatal crashes—Vision Zero.

Prioritizing the Pedestrian

A visual representation of transportation improvements
  1. ~160 upgraded or constructed ADA Curb Ramps

  1. Four new pedestrian head start signals

  1. One new protected left-turn signal

Leading with Data

A zero overlayed on top of a road

Transportation Choices

The future is here—and it's shared and electric.

Boulderites can choose their own adventure to move around town with new and improved options, like shared micromobility (e-bikes and e-scooters).

A bright orange bus turning right
  • Shared BCycle e-bikes in Boulder replaced ~308,000 vehicle miles

  • Shared Lime e-scooters in Boulder saved ~26,058 pounds of greenhouse gas

  • Ridership on local HOP bus service was 438,677 — 76% more than in 2021

Keeping Boulder Moving 

The roads, sidewalks, crosswalks, and multi-use paths we see and use every day need are part of a network, connecting us where we need to go. To keep Boulder moving, city staff work daily to maintain and improve this system.

Snow removal

A child holding a magnet that says Frostasaurus smiles while standing next to a snowplow
  • Snow plowing support for Town of Superior immediately following the Marshall Fire

  • ~55,000 miles plowed


  • 800+ potholes patched

  • 62.7 lane miles of street maintenance, including fixing cracks and asphalt

  • 30,000 square feet of pavement patched

Signs and markings

  • 1403 new or replaced signs

  • 139 traffic posts, or delineators, installed

  • 42,117 square feet of new or replaced markings, including crosswalks

What’s next in 2023  

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2023 will bring important progress on a Snow and Ice program update, e-bike rebates, the final Vision Zero Action Plan, safety improvements on the city’s Core Arterial Network and more.

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Citywide Accomplishments 

Read the full list of City Accomplishments in 2022.