A safer Baseline for a thriving community

This project will create safer conditions for walking, bicycling and driving on Baseline Road while enhancing connections to popular community destinations.

Completion Date
2023 (Phase 1) | 2026 (Phase 2)
Current Phase
Community Engagement

Project Overview

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The Baseline Road Transportation Safety Project is a multi-year initiative to improve safety for all modes of travel along Baseline Road from 30th Street to Foothills Parkway.

This section of Baseline Road is one of the most-traveled corridors in the city and is home to many key community destinations and services, including affordable housing, grocery stores, shops, health centers, and student housing for the University of Colorado Boulder. However, it is also has a high number of serious injury crashes compared to other streets in the city.

This project will make Baseline Road safer, more comfortable and more connected for all community members, however you choose to travel.

Project Updates

May 2023

Project crews will be conducting work to repair concrete and curbs along Baseline Road. This will include repairing ADA ramps from 30th Street to Foothills Parkway and making repairs to the southwest corner of 30th Street and Baseline.

Repairs to curbs and curb ramps are also planned for 30th to 36th Streets after the University of Colorado Boulder spring semester concludes.

Provide Your Input

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On-Demand Open House

Learn about what the city heard during the first phase of community engagement and how your input is shaping the future of safety, comfort and connectivity at Baseline at the Baseline Road Transportation Safety Project On-Demand Open House.

Office hours and the feedback form closed on Dec. 9, 2022.

Be Heard Boulder Questionnaire

The Be Heard Boulder questionnaire closed on Sept. 30, 2022. We received over 400 responses from people who live, work, shop and travel along Baseline Road and are using this input to help inform improvements to this corridor.

Words that say "A safer Baseline for a thriving community"

Project Details

The Baseline Road Transportation Safety Project will take place in two phases.

Phase 1 (2022-2023)

Initial Bicycle Lane Upgrades from 28th Street to Foothills Parkway (City of Boulder Funds)

Phase 1 will strategically combine scheduled pavement resurfacing with additional improvements using city funds.

  • First round of community engagement
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Pavement resurfacing
  • Restripe roadway to narrow lanes
  • Buffer bike lane west of 30th
  • Upgrades to existing bike lanes east of 30th in strategic, prioritized locations
  • Sidewalk and curb ramp repairs

Phase 2 (2024-2026)

Comprehensive Multimodal Enhancements from 30th Street to Foothills Parkway (Federal Funds)

Phase 2 will be developed after the city receives federal grant funding from the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

  • Improvements at intersections, pedestrian crossings and other key locations
  • Complete bike lane protection
  • Transit efficiency improvements
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Existing Conditions

Click through the slideshow below or view the On-Demand Open House to see photos of existing conditions on Baseline Road.

Project Background

Baseline Road is a key corridor for local and regional travel and provides important transportation connections for people who live, work, play and study in Boulder. The section of the road from 30th Street to Foothills Parkway features a number of popular community destinations including grocery stores, shops, senior centers and apartments and is close to both the University of Colorado Boulder's main campus and Williams Village Student Housing.

According to the city's 2022 Safe Streets Report, this section of Baseline Road is one of the top 10 crash locations for people walking and bicycling in the city and has been identified in the Denver Regional Council of Government's Regional High Injury Network as a Critical Corridor. The road was also identified as a Priority Corridor to make improvements on as part of the city's Core Arterial Network (CAN) initiative to improve safety on our high-traffic, higher-speed streets.

The CAN is the connected system of protected bicycle lanes, intersection enhancements, pedestrian facilities, and transit facility upgrades that will help reduce the potential for severe crashes and make it more comfortable and convenient for people to get where they need to go along Boulder’s main corridors. Learn more about CAN

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