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Boulder Reservoir

Boulder Reservoir

About the Boulder Reservoir

Boulder Reservoir is a 700-acre, multi-use recreation and water-storage facility, owned and managed by the City of Boulder and operated as a water supply by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. It is used for recreation, drinking water and irrigation. Popular recreation activities at the reservoir include boating, swimming, sun bathing, water skiing, fishing, picnics, walking, running, cycling and wildlife viewing.

Weather, closure and other updates are posted to our Twitter feed on the lower right.

Bathhouse and Administration Building Design

The 2012 Boulder Reservoir Master Plan pdf indicated the need for renewal and renovation of several key facilities that support visitor use at the reservoir. Additionally, recent facility assessments of the Reservoir Bathhouse and Administration Building show that while some system deficiencies can be addressed through maintenance or minor repairs, others have reached or surpassed their expected life cycle and require significant repair, rehabilitation or replacement. Maintenance issues are affecting the operation of the facility and diminish the opportunities for quality visitor experiences at the reservoir.

This means we are in the early planning stages to envision a new bathhouse and administration building. The first meeting on Sept. 22 was an opportunity for the community to review the options for renewal of the bathhouse to meet several key program functions including restrooms, concessions, visitor areas and administrative functions. The purpose of the meeting was for community feedback on schematic alternatives to assist in the development of a recommended plan to address building functionality given current uses, proposed uses and demand.

The presentation and concept plans from the Sept. 22 meeting are available below for review.  Please complete and submit the survey by October 12th.  Comments and feedback from the meeting and provided by the survey below   will be used to finalize the plan.

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