Neighborhood Connection Grants are designed to increase opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other in fun, relaxing and positive ways, creating pathways for communication, collaboration and resilience.

What's new this year?

It’s back! The Neighborhood Connection Grant Program has returned to the City of Boulder’s Neighborhood Services. The grant program will have healing and resilience as the themes for 2023 as we begin to recover from a global pandemic. Some familiar grant programs like the Spark Grant and Block Party Grant will return, along with some new grants that will fund programming. To learn more about these grants or apply download the 2023 Grant Descriptions PDF.

Neighborhood Services invites residents of Boulder to apply for funding for projects that align with the following goals:

  • Increase opportunities for neighbors to meet and get to know each other
  • Provide community-building resources to under-resourced neighborhoods
  • Enhance community resilience, healing and joy through personal connections

Neighborhood Connection Grant Trainings/ Info Sessions

Attend a training session to learn more about the Neighborhood Connection Grant programs. You can register using the links below: