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Tax and Licensing Division

Tax and Licensing Division


Welcome to the Tax & Licensing Division

Mitigating the potential spread of COVID-19 to ensure the health and well-being of our staff and community is fundamental to providing service excellence. That is why, beginning today, the City of Boulder is implementing several precautionary social distancing measures. Please note the following important updates:  

  • 1. The Brenton Building, located at 1136 Alpine Avenue, will be closed to the public until further notice. However, staff will be working between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday and will continue to respond to voicemails and emails in the order in which they are received. For faster service, please contact us via email. 


The Tax & License division assists City of Boulder constituents with a variety of business licenses, sales & use tax account services, other regulatory city licenses and community information.

Please note that each business entity, organization or person that is engaged in business within the city limits of the City of Boulder must have a city business license and may also need an additional regulatory license to legally conduct business.

Sales Tax, Use Tax, Business License, and Regulatory license application forms, instructions, and fee information handled by the Tax & License division are separately linked in the right hand menu on this page.

Sales & Use Tax / Business Licensing

The Sales/Use Tax part of our division manages business licensing, sales tax, use and other tax filings, construction use tax reconciliation returns and various tax auditing functions.

Vaping & Tobacco Regulations

Visit this page to learn more about Ordinance 8340, Vaping and Tobacco Regulations

Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax

Information on the Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax

Property Tax Assessment FAQs

Property Tax Assessment FAQs pdf

Regulatory Licenses

City Regulatory Licensing Applicants or Licensees:

The reason that you are receiving this email or viewing this content on our website is that the City of Boulder has determined an office closure due to the COVID19 virus. Please also share this information with your attorney of record or accountant if you have one.
Due to this, City Licensing Staff will be continuing our licensing work, but we will be working remotely and will not be physically available to meet with you in our Brenton Building offices. In addition, we will not be individually meeting with customers to review applications or be conducting our application clinics in person during this time. We will individually correspond with you about board hearings, board meetings, postings, and premise inspections.

For phone calls, our direct city phones and prompts for our main number of 303-441-4192 will include a message that email is the best way to reach us.  However, if a customer leaves a voice mail it may take several days to return calls via this means of communication, so emails are fastest and best. Contact all staff at [email protected] for fastest responses.

For license application submittal of all types, we will now be accepting license applications via email and scanned attachment at our main email address of [email protected]  . Some license application types are now being filed through our online CSS web portal. Contact Licensing Staff to see if your application type is availlable for online services.

We recognize that some of our larger applications, such as new license applications, will be large files so if you submit such an application, please include in your subject line (Trade name, License Type and file x of xx) so that we can easily match those multiple scanned files.  Please also see below request for payment instructions for online payments or mailing instructions and pictures to be  included with emailed filings.

For city fee payments for the above emailed license application submittals, Licensing staff will provide you with the option to pay online or to mail city license fee payments to:

CITY OF BOULDER, P.O. BOX 791, BOULDER, CO, 80306; ATTN: REGULATORY LICENSING AT BRENTON BUILDING, RE: (Trade Name - License Type - Application Emailed Date)  If you will be paying by a mailed check or money order and send it to the PO Box, please also include a picture of it with your emailed license application with your bank account obscured too so we can match those up.

If you are unable to submit  applications via our online CSS web portal or by scanned email and by one pf the payment options above, please contact City Licensing at [email protected] to make alternate arrangements.

For state liquor fee payments for scanned and emailed New, Transfer and Change of Class liquor license applications: Licensing staff will require that you mail state fee checks directly to the State Liquor Enforcement Division at:

Colorado Department of Revenue, PO Box 17087, Denver, CO 80217, Attn: State Liquor Enforcement Division. Please include in the check memo or on a cover letter included with the state check payment.

For renewal payments only: you will submit your payment online via the Colorado Department of Revenue’s website:  When you use this feature, please indicate that you will be submitting your renewal via Local Licensing Clerk and provide your proof of payment to the State when submitting your renewal application to us either by scanned email or via our online CSS web portal.

For Wednesday morning application clinics, these sessions will continue but only via Microsoft Teams call in as follows:

Cannabis licensing clinic call in Wednesday mornings from 10:30AM to 11:30AM until December 31, 2020: Call: 720-593-3714 and enter conf ID: 843 022 056#

Liquor and Misc. licensing clinic call in Wednesday mornings from 11:30AM to 12:30PM until December 31, 2020: Call: 720-593-3714 and enter cont ID: 939 272 775#

For board hearings and board meetings, the City Manager directed that all city board and commission hearings and meetings be held virtually until further notice. The Beverage Licensing Authority Hearing will occur virtually on May 20, 2020. The first meeting of the Cannabis Licensing and Advisory Board will also occur virtually on May 4, 2020.

For posters production and licensee pick up, and premise inspections by City Licensing and associated support city departments, board members, applicants, licensees, and other interested parties will receive that information directly as needed with details on how to pick up your posters. Applicants and licensees will also be individually be informed as to if premise inspections will be held or waived with conditions.

For updates on the duration of this City Office Closure at the Brenton Building, we will post that information on our division website as soon as it is available.

The City of Boulder Regulatory Licensing Staff Team thanks you for your patience and flexibility during this unprecedented time and our team remains committed to remotely assisting you with your licensing needs.