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2023 Board and Commission Recruitment

Volunteer for a board or commission to help shape Boulder’s future. Recruitment is now open through Monday, Jan. 30. Learn more and apply today.

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Guide to Winter in Boulder

Your guide to things to do and places to see during the winter in Boulder, as well as seasonal programs and services offered by the City of Boulder.

Snow and Ice Removal

During winter storms, the city prioritizes clearing emergency routes, major streets, access to hospitals, schools, transit and critical infrastructure, as well as neighborhood streets with steep slopes and the city’s multi-use path system for walking and bicycling.

New Emergency Mapping Tool

Community members are encouraged to visit Zonehaven to “Know Your Zone” and become familiar with the platform before the next emergency.

2023 Approved Budget

Spending plan reflects community and council priorities, making key investments in social services, housing, and city employees.