Let's swim!

Choose from lap lanes, open swim, slides and more. Splash around, get a workout and enjoy some pool time.

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Please check the Aquatics and Facility Status webpage or the detailed pool schedules on the day you plan to visit for the most up-to-date information.

Operating hours are based upon available resources (both financial and human), utilization trends, and weather. All operations are subject to change due to staffing and health impacts.

Thanks for your understanding and be sure to check our aquatics schedule below for the latest availability. We'll add more hours as we can.

Lifeguards and Water Attraction Attendants

Interested in working for Boulder as a lifeguard, but don’t have your certification yet? No problem! Here are the steps to “Be a Fun Maker” as a BPR lifeguard:

  1. Apply online
  2. We’ll contact you to schedule a time to complete a swim test.
  3. If you pass the swim test, we’ll sign you up for the lifeguard training class, which will be FREE.
  4. Complete an online course and the three-day in-person class.
  5. You’re now a lifeguard!


Have a question not on the list below? Contact us

Check out our detailed pool schedules. Make sure you are looking at the correct pool location (tabs at the bottom of the Google spreadsheet.)

  • Indoor lap lanes: 25 yards
  • Scott Carpenter Pool short course: 25 yards (the short course is in place from opening for the season through Memorial Day; Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the summer; and after Labor Day through closing for the season)
  • Scott Carpenter Pool long course: 50 meters (Olympic sized) (the long course is in place Monday - Thursday during the summer)

Generally the following temperatures:

  • Lap pools: 80-82F
  • Leisure pools: 88-90F
  • Hot tubs - 101-105F
  • Saunas - 160-180sF

Yes, but please be courteous of people who need to use the ladder or are aqua jogging. People are allowed to use the ramp/ladder and cross under lane lines to get in and out safely.

No. The lane is off limits for the entire reservation. This is so that when the person or group that made the reservation arrives, they can just enter the water without staff assistance and know that their lane wasn't given away.

The diving blocks are only for the swim team (Boulder High - NBRC, Fairview – SBRC, Boulder Swim Team - EBRC and Boulder Aquatics Masters). Private lessons included. To use the diving blocks, you must be with a program and have a program swim coach on the deck.

Yes. Up to eight people can be use the sauna at once. Reservations are no longer required.

We can only open the windows if it's warmer than 65 degrees outside.

No. We only allow one person on the slide at a time, and all riders must be at least 48" tall.

We do not provide a towel service.

Music on deck is for the enjoyment of our guests. The type of music and the volume is intended to be appropriate and not disturb anyone. Please talk with staff on duty if you would like the music turned off, changed, or the volume lowered.

No. Everyone who enters the pool area must pay for entry. Children under the age of 6 require an adult in the water with them (within arm's reach). Children ages 6 to 9 must have an adult on the pool deck or actively supervising the child. Children ages 10 and 11 can be in the pool without an adult on the pool deck, but an adult must be in the facility. Youth ages 12+ can participate without adult supervision. The recreation center lobby is available for those who don't have a paid entry and don't need to attend to children in the pool area.

Water wings, suits with built in floatation and inner tubes are not allowed. Lifejackets and puddle jumpers must be Coast Guard approved. Swim equipment and toys are permissible at the discretion of management.