Community Vitality Workgroups

The following workgroups are located at 1500 Pearl Street.

Commercial District Management

Office of Arts & Culture

  • Please visit the Office of Arts and Culture website for access to cultural grant applications, professional development scholarship applications, public art opportunities, temporary outdoor art exhibition permits, and other services.

Office of Special Events

Parking & Access

  • NPP (Neighborhood Parking Program Permits) Permits
  • Commuter NPP Permits
  • Employee Business NPP Permits
  • NPP Mobile Vendor Permits
  • Garage & Lot Permits
  • 20 Day Passes
  • Alpine & Broadway Coupon booklets for CAGID Employees
  • Special Activity- Construction-Media Permits
  • Merchant Parking Validations
  • Mall Permits: Special Entertainment, Personal Service, Ambulatory Vendor, Advocacy Permits

What Our Office Does Not Handle


  • ADA accessible parking spots are available at 1500 Pearl St.
  • Our 3rd floor offices are accessible via elevator or staircase.