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Project Overview

Neighborhood GreenStreets are low-traffic streets prioritized for walking and biking, where people of all ages and abilities feel safe and comfortable. The city installs safety signage, crossings, paint markings and other treatments to these streets to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Creating GreenStreets is part of our Vision Zero goals to improve safety and comfort for walking and bicycling.


Project currently on pause

Neighborhood GreenStreets is paused following direction from City Council to shift limited resources to the city's Core Arterial Network. The majority (65%) of severe crashes happen on "arterials," the city's busiest streets. Prioritizing improvements to these routes will help lead to the biggest impacts on safety.


Following the inauguration of the first Neighborhood GreenStreet on 13th Street in 2019, the city is developing two new GreenStreets:

  1. Grove Street (from 15th Street to 23rd Street)
  2. 23rd Street (from Spruce Street to Arapahoe Avenue)

The new GreenStreets will enhance safety and comfort for walking and bicycling on two streets that connect the downtown area with the shopping centers along Folsom Street, helping to improve our low-stress walk and bike network.