The Neighborhood Speed Management Program (NSMP) uses engineering, education and enforcement to slow speeding traffic on neighborhood streets. This program supports Vision Zero, the city’s goal to end traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries.

Program currently on pause

Please note that NSMP is paused following direction from City Council to shift limited resources to the city's Core Arterial Network. The majority (65%) of severe crashes happen on "arterials," the city's busiest streets. Prioritizing improvements to these routes will help lead to the biggest impacts on safety.

Although the NSMP is suspended and no longer accepting applications, reducing speeds on neighborhood streets is important. The city is committed to Vision Zero and lowering the number and severity of crashes on local streets through:

  • Engineering through striping, signage, traffic signal changes and other transportation improvements.
  • Education through yard signs and other city communications
  • Enforcement through photo radar vans or speed trailers

Help Boulder achieve Vision Zero and spread the word to "Slow Down" by requesting a yard sign today.

Due to the pause, the NSMP is no longer accepting new applications at this time.

The following outstanding projects were completed in 2022.