The Neighborhood Speed Management Program (NSMP) program is part of the City of Boulder’s prioritization of safe transportation. The city strives to keep its streets, sidewalks and paths safe for all modes of transportation.

NSMP implements engineering, education and enforcement to slow speeding traffic on residential streets. This program supports Vision Zero, the city’s goal to eliminate traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries.

The NSMP accepts applications from community members year-round. More information on planned and implemented projects, as well as how to apply and application status is below.

Apply for the Neighborhood Speed Management Program

Application materials

City staff accepts NSMP applications year-round and evaluates them on an annual basis. The next deadline for application evaluation will be in late spring 2020. Please use the links below to access the online application and neighborhood petition.


Neighborhood petition

  • All applications requesting engineering treatments (such as speed humps and traffic circles) must include a neighborhood petition with signatures from 20 neighbors or 30 percent of households on the same block, whichever is less.

What to expect

  • Staff will review and rank applications requesting engineering treatments based on the criteria laid out in the NSMP final guidelines. All applicants will be notified of the ranking. Staff will then present a list of prioritized projects to the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) for review.

  • All applicants are eligible to receive educational materials and enforcement in their neighborhood.

  1. Projects with engineering treatments will be categorized as "simple" or "complex"
    • Simple projects are those that are expected to have a localized impact on reducing speeds, address speeding issues on a short segment of a non-critical emergency response route and have little effect on traffic diversion. They are also anticipated to cost less than or around $15,000. Simple projects will be implemented by staff after a recommendation by the Transportation Advisory Board.

    • Complex projects may include impacts to neighboring streets or other travel modes, be located on a designated critical emergency response route and cost more than $15,000. Complex projects must receive a recommendation to proceed from the Transportation Advisory Board and must also be approved by City Council.

Application Status

If you’ve applied for the NSMP and would like to know the status of your application, look below for the date you submitted your application to find out its status.

  • If you submitted an application by Nov. 24, 2017 , and staff categorized your project as a simple project, your application has been reviewed and the evaluation completed. Staff has installed most of the approved projects and will complete all projects by the end of 2019.

  • If you submitted an application by Nov. 24, 2017, and staff categorized your project as a complex project, your application is currently on the NSMP Complex Project list. Staff began planning the top two projects on the list in May 2019.

  • If you submitted an application between April 27, 2018, and May 31, 2019, staff is currently evaluating your application. Applications that qualify for engineering will be prioritized by TAB at the November and December 2019 meetings.

  • Applications submitted after May 31, 2019, will be evaluated beginning in May 2020.

Staff email regular updates to all applicants with updates on the program and what to expect in the coming months. Sign up to receive email updates.

2020 NSMP Projects

Staff is installing the simple projects listed below. The projects will be installed by the end of Fall 2020. Please click on the links below to review project plans.