From free summer fun to critical financial support, the city offers resources to help get our community through tough economic times.

Concerned about rising costs?

Hearing a lot about inflation on the news? The economy is a big topic this summer, and many members of our community may be feeling the financial strain.

From critical financial support to free summer fun, the city offers resources to help get our community through tough economic times.

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Need help making ends meet?

Interest rates are climbing, gas prices are at a record high and inflation continues to grow. Just one of these factors can be challenging, but combined, they can lead to severe financial stress.

Housing Help

The Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Services program expands legal and financial services for those facing a potential eviction. If you live in Boulder and are facing a potential eviction or need help paying rent, don’t wait to take action

Food Tax Rebate

Each year, the City of Boulder provides rebates to help compensate residents with lower incomes for the city sales tax they pay on food. Learn more about the city’s Food Tax Rebate

Child Care Subsidy Program

This program provides financial assistance to qualifying families in Boulder. Learn more about how to qualify

Recreation Discounts

The Parks and Recreation department provides financial assistance to community members through a subsidy program and recreation pass discounts for those who qualify. See if you qualify

Financial Assistance

The city, and many local organizations, offer assistance directly to community members experiencing financial challenges. Learn more about available resources

Fun, free programs for every community member.

From reading to hiking to playing, and everything in between, we have your passion covered! Check out these free city programs for kids, adults and the entire family.

Hit the trail

Through free nature education programs, the city’s Open Space and Mountain Parks team aims to help community members experience shared public lands and learn how to protect them. Free Open Space and Mountain Parks Programs

Grab a book!

The library offers a vast array of events, programs and activities for the whole family. It also is a center for free resources beyond books, like video streaming, lifelong learning and research services, as well as access to free bike shares and outdoor recreation backpack kits.

Head to the park

There are dozens of free parks in the city, including playgrounds, picnic areas, a skate park, the Pearl Street Mall, community parks, dog parks and more! Start planning your City of Boulder free parks visit

Tour the local art scene

Boulder has a thriving public art scene – from murals to permanent public art, to temporary installations, there is something for everyone. Plan your own local art tour

Over 60?

The city’s Older Adult Services team aims to inspire and empower older adults to age well through community connection, learning and play. They offer a wide range of programs and services from health and wellness and lifelong learning to case management and supportive services. Explore Older Adult Services offerings

Hand putting money in a piggy bank and two people holding up planet Earth

Concerned about the planet?

Many of the actions you can take to save money also help build a more climate resilient Boulder. See tips for saving money while helping the planet

Take a ride!

August is RTD’s Zero Fare for Better Air month, meaning free service on all buses and trains in August. The city is extending Zero Fare August to the HOP Bus as well. Take this opportunity to save money on gas and parking, avoid the frustration of driving, improve air quality and catch up on work, listen to music or read a book during your commute.

Reduce your use

When gas prices rise, a simple way to save money is to cut back on how much you use. How to use less gas

Go circular

The most affordable and effective way to keep waste out of the landfill is to avoid creating it in the first place. Learn how to grow a circular economy through reuse and repair