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Trailhead Description

Enchanted Mesa Trailhead provides access to the Enchanted Mesa and McClintock trails, in addition to other Chautauqua area trails.

Chautauqua Ranger Cottage

At the Ranger Cottage, you will find park maps, brochures and information. Learn more about the Ranger Cottage.


None at the trailhead. There are restrooms at Chautauqua Ranger Cottage, on the east side of front porch and at the top of Bluebell Road.

Picnic Facilities

Two picnic tables are located at the McClintock trailhead. More picnic facilities located at Bluebell Shelter. The large covered picnic facility near the trailhead belongs to the Chautauqua Association and may be reserved by calling 303-442-3282.


The trailhead is tucked behind the Chautauqua Auditorium near Chautauqua Park (Grant and Baseline Streets, Boulder).


Parking lot at the trailhead and street parking around Chautauqua Park and the Chautauqua Auditorium. The trailhead has 9 standard parking spaces and one ADA space.

Because parking is very limited in the Chautauqua Park (Grant and Baseline streets) area, visitors are encouraged to carpool, walk or bike. There are bike racks located throughout the site.

Park to Park Free Shuttle to Chautauqua

Visit the Park to Park webpage to find out more about the summer parking changes and the FREE shuttle to the Chautauqua Park.

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Area Info

Bike Regulations

Bicycles are not allowed on the trails in the Chautauqua area.

Dog Regulations

Enchanted Mesa/McClintock Area Dog Regulations Map

All dogs must be leashed in the Trailhead Leash Area. Dogs are prohibited on Lower & Upper McClintock Trail.

Learn about bringing your dog to OSMP. Dogs must be on a hand-held leash at all times unless they meet the voice and sight control standard and display a City of Boulder Voice and Sight tag. Dog excrement removal is required by law. A dog station is available to aid in the collection of dog excrement.

Horse Regulations

Horses are allowed on most trails. On-trail riding is encouraged to protect rare plants and wildlife habitat. Learn more about riding your horse on OSMP.


Black bears and mountain lions inhabit this area. Enchanted Mesa is an excellent place to see forest and meadow birds together, including Black-capped and Mountain Chickadees, three kinds of nuthatch, House Finches, Steller's Jays and Black-billed Magpies. The dense shrubs of the McClintock gully are great nesting habitat for Yellow-breasted Chats, Lazuli Buntings, and Spotted Towhees.

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