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Spruce Pool closed for summer 2022 season

Spruce Pool will be closed for the 2022 season due to a lifeguard shortage. We were only able to hire 90 of the 140 lifeguards needed to be able to operate both Scott Carpenter and Spruce pools. The significant quantity of lifeguards and resources needed to open this facility at any level is not possible.

Adding additional indoor pool hours is the focus with additional staff, where there is already heated, treated water and where our recreation centers can support access for all better than Spruce. For example, swimmers with disabilities are better served with ADA changing areas and many are better served by universal restrooms, showers, and changing areas.

We plan to have at least one indoor pool open seven days a week since they are the most accessible facilities to our community. Both recreation centers support higher levels of subsidized access than Spruce has historically, and North Boulder Recreation Center is on multiple bus lines.

Expanding operations at East Boulder Community Center and North Boulder Recreation Center is also more feasible and logical than opening Spruce due to the ability to incrementally add hours and amenity availability to facilities already staffed and in operation.

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