Building an Equitable, Clean Energy System

The city is working to build an efficient, resilient and fossil fuel-free energy system that provides equitable access to affordable energy to all community members.

Rooftop solar panels installed in Boulder

Rooftop solar panels installed in Boulder

Reduce Your Energy Use

Using less energy is one of the most impactful actions you can take to help build a cleaner energy system.

There are a number of ways to curb your energy use at home and on the go – check out our climate action list to learn how. Be sure to explore local energy rebates and resources to support your efforts to use less energy.

Key Goals and Related Work

The city has a variety of energy programs, projects and requirements that work toward a climate resilient future.

Our Guiding Targets

Climate targets

Equitable Access to Affordable Energy

The city is working to ensure all community members have equitable access to affordable energy. This work includes reducing energy costs through subscriptions to community solar gardens and offering rebates and resources that support a variety of energy upgrades.

A Fossil Fuel-Free Energy System

The city is working with Xcel Energy to build a resilient and reliable energy grid that uses cleaner sources of power, like wind and solar.

Safe and Resilient Energy Infrastructure

The city is building a community lit by energy efficient streetlights and powered by safer, resilient energy infrastructure. This work includes updating streetlights and undergrounding powers lines across Boulder.

Healthy, Energy Efficient Buildings

The city has several energy efficiency requirements that ensure all new and existing buildings have the lowest possible carbon footprint and provide affordable, healthy spaces for their occupants.

Accessible and Affordable Emissions-Free Transportation

The city is working to provide clean mobility options that are accessible and affordable, including electric vehicles and bicycles, regular bikes, walking, public transit and electric scooters.

Clean Indoor and Outdoor Air

Identify and reduce major contributors to regional air pollution while prioritizing clean air solutions for people that live and work in areas with the poorest air quality.

Take advantage of energy rebates and resources.

How to Take Action

Go Solar

Explore our guide to learn how.

Need support? Check out the city’s solar grants (link opens in a new window) and tax rebates (link opens in a new window).

Electrify your home appliances

Check out city-supported rebates and resources to help you get started. One of the resources is Energy Smart, which pairs Boulder County residents with an energy efficiency advisor for no cost.

Travel by foot, bike or bus

Learn about cleaner modes of transportation around Boulder, including:

Use less gas

7 steps individuals can take to use less gas, save money and support the climate.

Be air aware and prepared

Check out these local and national resources to help you stay healthy and prepared for air quality issues outside of your home.

Use less energy while lowering your heating bill.

We have compiled a few easy steps you can take to make your home more efficient: Heating Costs Are Rising This Winter. Here’s How to Keep Your Bill Affordable.

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